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i77 - IPA

7.7% ABV
Bohemian Beauty

A crisp IPA with a hop forward nose that leads to an abundance of hop flavor on the pallate. I-77 will intrigue the hop lover who knows a quality beer and isn’t afraid to challenge themselves with the bold flavors of Warrior, Chinook, Williamette, and Cascade hops.

Queen City Red

- Irish Red Ale

6.0% ABV
Queen City Red

A deep mahogany red Ale blending six malts, in perfect harmony. Smooth and subtle yet robust and rich with flavors of coffee, malt, chocolate and toffee delicately balanced and enticing.

Misty Mountain Hop

- Harvest Ale

7.8% ABV
Dubbel D.

Limited Release

Well balanced, moderate bitterness and a noticeable hop aroma makes this ale appealing to a variety of beer drinkers from the casual pale ale lover to the serious hophead. Brewed with fresh Cascade hops grown locally in Charlotte, this truly is a home-town beer!

Uptown Brown

- Brown Ale

6.6% ABV
Uptown Brown

Limited Release - Fall

Celebrate the sophistication and discerning taste of those that proudly call Charlotte Uptown their home. Savor the noble aroma of the Finest English Hops before dissecting the flavors that 7 carefully blended malts deliver. Experience the coffee flavors so delicately balanced with chocolate overtones as subtle hints of toasted malts flow onto the palate.

Dubbel D.

- Belgian Style Dubbel

7.5% ABV
Dubbel D.

Limited Release - Winter

Dubbel D: a malt rich, spicy ale with a subtle floral nose that gives way to a multitude of rich herbal tones. This copper hued beauty is rich and robust with an explosion of flavors on the pallate that culminates into a slight alcohol warmth from its elevated gravity at 8.2% abv.


- Belgian Style Golden

7.2% ABV
Gold Rush

 Limited Release - Spring/Summmer

Whether you are winding down from a long day or winding up to get your night started “just right”; take a ride with this easy drinking Belgian blonde. Enjoy some with your friends or share a round with the person next to you and make the most of your night.